Past Due Billing Process

Past Due Billing Process

UCCS SFS - Billing - Past Due Billing Process

Past Due Accounts

If a tuition account is not paid by the end of the semester, the following process occurs. We can help you at any point in this process.  You may contact us at 719-255-3391 or


Late Fees, Finance Charges, Financial Holds

When payment is late, the account is assessed one late fee (per semester) and a finance charge of one percent (1%) of the balance due per month. A hold is placed on your record which will prevent registration, adding classes, and release of transcripts and diplomas until the balance is paid in full. 

In addition to a monthly service charge of 1% per month on the unpaid balance, a late payment fine will be assessed according to the following table:

$900& above$50


In-House Collections

Past due prior semester student accounts are referred to Student Debt Management (SDM) for collection after the end of the semester where you have a limited opportunity of six months to establish a payment arrangement. After six months, past due accounts are placed with a private collection agency in accordance with Colorado law.

Please click HERE to create an account and set up a payment plan for a past due account balance from a prior term (AR Collect).


Outside Collection Agencies and Additional Costs

When an account is referred to an outside collection agency, collection agency costs, expenses and fees may be assessed, including percentage-based fees of up to thirty percent (30%) of the debt collected and charged to the university by the collection agency. Collection costs are charged in addition to principal, fees and finance charges, Reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs associated with collecting or enforcing payment on the past due account may be assessed, as allowed under Colorado law. 

Please click HERE for outside collection agency information.


Tax Offset

In accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes §23-5-115, the university may certify to the Colorado Department of Revenue information required for the recovery of past due debt. The Department of Revenue may offset your Colorado income tax refund to pay toward the UCCS debt. If your Colorado state income tax has been offset or if you have received a notice of judgment, contact Student Debt Management at 719-255-3391.


Click here for Student Debt Management FAQ

Late Payment Fine and Service Charge Dispute

When your account becomes past due and the penalties described above have been applied to your account you may submit a dispute form by clicking on the link below, if the penalties were assessed due to University error. 

Please note: We do not reverse or adjust late payment fines or service charges unless there is an identified University error that occurred to delay payment by the published due date. If the error was sourced from the Office of Financial Aid, please contact them directly to dispute the penalties at or 719-255-3460.

→  Late Fee Dispute Entry Form  ←

Referrals to Other Departments

For questions regarding your account, you may contact SDM.  You may be referred to other departments for your specific questions or concerns, such as:

Office of the Dean of Students - 719-255-3091

Late Withdrawal Requests (starting October 29, 2022)

If you need assistance withdrawing from courses after the late drop deadline or after the term has ended, you will need to contact the Office of the Dean of Students to complete a late withdrawal request. These requests are only considered under extenuating circumstances. Visit this webpage for more information about the drop/withdrawal process:

Submitting a request for a late withdrawal does not exempt your account from tuition charges, late and service charges, or financial holds. For requests for tuition appeals, please see Office of the Registrar below. For policies about Drop and Withdrawal refunds, refer to the Course Information Center


Office of the Registrar - 719-255-3361

Tuition & Mandatory Fees Appeal Form Drop/Withdrawal Refunds & Late Registration 

To request a refund for tuition and mandatory fees, students must be fully withdrawn from the courses in which they are requesting a refund for, see Office of the Dean of Students above. After withdrawing you will need to make a formal appeal to the Office of the Registrar. The appeals are considered under extenuating circumstances.  You can obtain the appeal forms at or email Official documentation must be provided to substantiate claims for extenuating circumstances.  Appeal deadlines will also need to be met. 

Submitting a request for an appeal does not exempt your account from late and service charges or financial holds.  For policies about Drop and Withdrawal refunds, refer to the Course Information Center.  If you disagree with tuition and fee charges and fail to avail yourself of the appeal process by the appeal deadline, you waive your right to appeal.


Financial Aid - 719-255-3460

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for further information regarding financial aid reversals (due to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and withdrawals) and for questions about loans and grants.

Tuition Assistance / 3rd Party / Ch. 33 - 719-255-3391

For questions, refer to the 3rd Party Sponsor Billing web page.

Bookstore - 719-255-3247

Contact the UCCS Bookstore for more information about book charges, including rentals and e-books.

Family Development Center (FDC) - 719-255-3483

Contact the FDC for more information about FDC charges.

Kraemer Family Library - 719-255-3286

Contact the Kraemer Family Library for more information about book fines and lost book charges.

Parking and Transportation Services - 719-255-3528

Contact Parking and Transportation Services for more information about parking citations and parking permits.

Residence Life and Housing - 719-255-4042

Contact Residence Life & Housing for more information about housing and meal charges.

Wellness Center - 719-255-4444

Contact the Wellness Center for more information about health services.


If you have any questions, or would like assistance in initiating a repayment agreement, please call SDM at (719) 255-3391, at 1-800-990-UCCS (8227), or contact us online today.  We want to work with you on your debt to UCCS.