Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees
UCCS SFS - Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Agreement and Disclosure

Pre-Term Courses and Fees

In the spirit of transparency, UCCS breaks out all of the mandatory student fees on the student account. These fees are voted on by the Regents of the University of Colorado, and the UCCS student body. These fees pay for buildings and services on campus that you (or your student) will utilize and enjoy during your time here at UCCS. Please note that you will have access to these services for the entire semester in which the fees are charged, regardless of the length of your class (i.e. students only taking a one week summer class will have access to these services for the entire summer term). These fees are mandatory and cannot be reversed regardless of whether or not you utilize these services. For a description of each of these fees please select the applicable term below, then click on “Tuition and Fee Descriptions.”

All Colorado resident freshman and sophomore undergraduates will be charged the same tuition rate per credit hour. Please note that these rates will change once the student becomes a junior. Upperclassmen students will be charged based upon their selected program (nursing, business, etc.). This tuition classification will change similarly for non-resident and WUE students. Please select “Estimate Your Bill” below to see how this tuition classification will affect you. Keep in mind that tuition rates are likely to change every year prior to the fall semester.

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  • Estimate Your Bill - Tuition is only a portion of your total bill for a semester. Mandatory fees are also charged. So if you would like to estimate your total costs for the upcoming semester, select "Estimate Your Bill" below. You can also see a list of Mandatory and Course-Specific fees by selecting "Student Forms" below.
  • How to Read your Account Summary
  • Important Billing Dates and Deadlines
  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) - The College Opportunity Fund has already begun, and it affects most undergraduate students who are Colorado-residents. If you need more info about COF and the application for the COF stipend, go to the College Opportunity Fund (COF) FAQ Website.
  • MyUCCS Portal - This is the website where you can pay your bill, get your balance, or view your itemized statement.
  • Course Information Center - Important information about registration, course schedules, add/drop procedures, etc.

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