FAQ - Credit Card Service Fee

FAQ - Credit Card Service Fee

UCCS SFS - Payments - FAQ - Credit Card Service Fee

Credit Card Service Fee - Effective August 2013

  1. Why is UCCS charging a fee for the use of my credit card/debit card?

    UCCS is committed to providing students and their families a range of options for paying their educational expenses.  The credit card payment method has become prohibitively expensive because of the fees charged by credit card companies to UCCS for credit card transaction processing.  This expense is paid by University tuition revenues and reduces the tuition dollars available for academic programs and services for all students.  Therefore, beginning in August 2013, a service fee on credit card/debit card transactions in the amount of 2.85% of the credit card/debit card payment will be charged.

  2. Is charging a service fee legal in Colorado and are other Universities charging a service fee for credit card transactions?

    Yes to both.  Recent changes to the Colorado prohibition of charging service fees for processing credit card/debit card transactions has allowed government agencies to charge a service fee for processing credit card/debit card transactions for payments on student accounts to higher education institutions.  Credit card service fees are not unique to UCCS.  Other schools across the country currently charge service fees for credit card transactions.

  3. Why is the service fee 2.85%? How was that percentage established?

    2.85% is the amount established by our third party credit card/debit card processor, Nelnet Business Solutions, to cover the credit card/debit card transaction fees assessed by credit card companies.

  4. Is there any way I can avoid paying the service fee?

    You can avoid paying the 2.85% service fee by paying online with an e-check, an electronic debit to your checking or savings account.  You may also mail a check to The University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Bursar Office, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 or bring a check to the Cashier window in Main Hall, second floor.  Please always include your UCCS student ID number on the check.

  5. Can I make a credit card payment on my student account over the telephone?

    Credit card payments are not an available payment method by telephone.  This is a security measure to ensure confidentiality of your payment information.

  6. If i make a credit card payment in error, will my service fee be refunded?

    No.  The service fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back.

  7. If I use my debit card to pay my student account charges, will I be charged a service fee?

    Yes.  If you use your debit card to pay your student account charges, you will be charged the 2.85% service fee.  For checking or savings account debits, please use the e-check option to avoid paying the service fee.

  8. Will the service fee that I am charged be included on my student account breakdown and statement?

    No.  The service fee is a fee assessed by a third party company, Nelnet Business Solutions, in addition to the payment for student accounts.  The service fee will not appear on your student account or on your UCCS statement.  You will receive notification that the online payment was processed successfully, and it will show the amount of payment, the amount of service fee and the total payment amount.

  9. How will my student account payment and service fee payment appear on my credit card statement?

    Two separate transactions will appear on your credit card statement.  One transaction for the student account payment and one transaction for the service fee.

  10. What credit cards are accepted at The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) for student account payments?

    UCCS accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Credit card payments for student accounts can be made online via the student portal.  Authorized payers can go to https://quikpayasp.com/cu/uccs/student_accounts/authorized.do to make credit card payments.  We do not accept credit card payments by telephone for security reasons.  A computer is available near the Cashier window for online payments.