Information for H.S. Dual Enrollment

Information for H.S. Dual Enrollment

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High School Dual Enrollment Information - Main Campus

Many Colorado high school students have been given the opportunity to attend UCCS to earn college credits before they graduate from high school.  These students enjoy the benefits of being treated like a college student, but the cost of these college classes cannot go unnoticed.  So, it is important that the student take the time to understand the billing process for the UCCS courses you are taking.

One of the first things students should do is determine what arrangement their high school follows regarding payment of tuition and fees to UCCS.  Talk to a guidance counselor at the student's high school to find out which Group listed below the high school falls into.  These groups and billing options are:

  • GROUP 1 - Direct Payment by High School.  There are a select few school districts that have already arranged for the tuition of their students to be directly billed to the school district.  For most of these students, the mandatory semester fees charged at UCCS are NOT paid by the district, and must be paid out-of-pocket by the student or student's guardian before the final payment deadline (see Payment Procedures and Deadlines).
  • GROUP 2 - Reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Payments by the High School (Most Common).  Most high schools will reimburse the student at the end of the semester (with transcripts and an itemized billing statement). The student will need to pay out-of-pocket before the semester starts.  Payment plans are available (see Payment Procedures and Deadlines).  Once the bill is paid-in-full, and after the census date has passed, the student must request an itemized statement from UCCS to submit to the high school for reimbursement.  If the student cannot pay in full at the beginning of the semester, they must enroll in a deferred payment option as described in the Payment Procedures and Deadlines.
  • GROUP 3 - No Assistance from High School.  In some cases, the high school may not offer any assistance for UCCS courses.  These students will be obligated to pay the full cost of their college courses before the semester begins or enroll in a deferred payment plan as described in the Payment Procedures and Deadlines.

Students who have to pay the full cost of tuition and fees out-of-pocket (Group 2 and 3) can use this resource to Estimate Your Total Bill.

Students in Group 1 where and the high school district is not paying UCCS's mandatory student fees (only tuition) and use this resource to Estimate Your Total Bill and to see a listing of the mandatory student fees.

Payment plans are available for those students that have to pay their tuition and fees out-of-pocket.  To see the available payment plans, visit the Payment Procedures and Deadlines page.

FERPA Policy: Students must act on their own behalf. Parents, high school officials and others are not permitted to enroll, drop, or add classes on behalf of the student.  Students are covered under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents may gain access to student records only if the student submits a FERPA waiver giving consent. This can be done, by the student, in the UCCS student portal.

If you need more assistance, you must contact a representative from your high school to determine their policy.