3rd Party Sponsor Billing

3rd Party Sponsor Billing

3rd Party Sponsor Billing

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3rd Party/Sponsored Billing - General Information

A third-party entity is defined as an individual, private, government or state agency, or other outside entities who will assist in paying for any portion of your tuition and/or fees AND they are requesting a bill directly from the University. Examples include military tuition assistance, State Vocational Rehabilitation, workforce centers, etc.

UCCS will bill the agency or organization on your behalf but must receive written authorization from the sponsoring agency or organization before the third-party billing can be processed. It is your responsibility to submit the Sponsor Billing Request and provide a Letter of Authorization from your sponsor each term before the tuition payment arrangement deadline. These payments are subject to the same federal reporting requirements as other financial aid

The charges paid by the sponsor can vary – some will pay tuition and mandatory fees, others will also pay for parking, housing, books, and supplies. Students are responsible for paying any charges not authorized by the agency by the term due date (due date information) to avoid the application of late fees & service charges to their student account.


Third Party Billing Process
Letter of Authorization
Student Responsibilities
College Opportunity Fund (COF)

3rd Party Sponsor Billing - Contact Information



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3rd Party Sponsor Billing

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