UCCS SFS - Billing

Tuition and Fee Agreement and Disclosure

Billing Overview

  • First fall bills are available in mid-August. First spring bills are available in mid-January. First summer bills are available mid-May. 
  • Email notifications are sent to students at their email address.
  • Parents and family members who are authorized payers will also receive email notifications.
  • Financial aid will be applied to the bill ten days before the first day of classes.

What is on the bill?

On the bill, you may see tuition, itemized mandatory fees, on-campus housing & dining related charges, grants, loans and scholarships, new student fees and UCCS Bookstore charges (Day One E-textbooks).

Accessing the Bill

Students access billing information and billing-related tasks in MyUCCS student portal. Parents and families do not automatically have access to view the bill, but students can give them access by authorizing them as payers.

This access is separate from CU Guest Access and the FERPA Consent to Release.

Give Authorized Payers/Parents Access

What does Authorized Payer access mean?

  1. Students log in to MyUCCS student portal. Only students can complete this task.
  2. Some students may need to select the Student tab. Then select the Student Financial Services (Bursar) tab.
  3. Click Authorize Others to View and Pay Your Bill.
  4. Complete the information for your authorized payer.
  5. Click Save.
  6. IMPORTANT: Provide the login name and password you just created to your authorized payer. The Student Financial Services (Bursar’s) Office does not have access to passwords.

Financial Aid and the Bill

Providing that all documentation has been submitted correctly and on time, federal financial aid will show on the bill 7-10 days prior to the first day of classes, in accordance with federal regulations. You can complete To-Do's and review aid in MyUCCS student portal.

Federal regulations determine what charges are covered by federal aid. To make sure your aid covers all charges on the bill, complete these steps.

How to Authorize Aid

  1. Students log in to MyUCCS student portal, click on the "hamburger" menu icon [] in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Student FInancials (Bursar)
  3. Click Grant Permissions tile.