Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions - SDM
  1. What are my responsibilities regarding my debt or past due owed to UCCS?

    Students enrolling at UCCS are responsible for full payment of tuition and fees.  Students should be prepared to pay their bills in full.  If that is not possible, do not ignore the debt.  Always make sure Student Debt Management (SDM) knows your current address and phone number, even if you don't think you will be returning to campus.  Your ability to secure financing in the future may be adversely affected.  Call Student Debt Management (719-255-3391) immediately to discuss payment options.

  2. What if I never knew about the debt?

    The UCCS email is the official form of communication at UCCS.  Students receive email notification regarding their bill.  Also, students have access to their student portal 24/7.  Failure to receive a tuition bill does not dismiss the student from his or her obligation for payment.  The student is responsible for viewing and paying these invoices.  Once the account is turned over to SDM, letters requesting payment are mailed out monthly until the account is sent to any outside collection agency.  If you move, you are responsible for notifying SDM, the University, and the U.S. Postal Service of any new mailing address.

  3. What if I never attended any of the classes?

    Failure to pay tuition does not cancel your enrollment in the classes and will not eliminate or reduce the financial obligation.  Failure to attend classes does not cancel a student’s registration.  If you failed to attend classes due to extenuating circumstances, contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 719-255-3361 to possibly appeal your tuition and mandatory fee charges.

  4. I dropped/withdrew from my classes.  How come I am still receiving a bill?

    There is withdrawal deadlines published each semester reflecting refund withdrawal adjustments.  Short courses throughout the term have special academic and financial deadlines.  Refer to the schedule of courses for the deadline dates and refund withdrawal adjustments.  If you have received financial aid or have tuition assistance (TA), the financial aid or TA payments may also be adjusted and you are still responsible to pay these funds back.  If you withdrew from the classes due to extenuating circumstances, contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 719-255-3361 to possibly appeal your tuition and mandatory fee charges.

  5. What if I attended another school and I am charged for the same semester by UCCS?

    It is likely that you did not formally withdraw by the published deadlines.  If you failed to attend classes due to extenuating circumstances, contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 719-255-3361 to possibly appeal your tuition and mandatory fee charges.

  6. Who are the external collection agencies, and how do I contact them?

    When internal collection efforts by our office are unsuccessful, past due accounts may be referred to any of the following external collection agencies:

    State of Colorado
    Division of Finance and Procurement
    Central Collection Services (CCS)
    633 17th Street, Suite 1540
    Denver, CO 80202-3608

    General Revenue Corporation
    Customer Advocate Department
    PO Box 495999
    Cincinnati, OH 45249-5999

    National Credit Management
    10845 Olive Blvd, Suite 210
    PO Box 32900
    St Louis, MO 63132

    Fax 314-787-8972

    S & S Recovery, Inc
    2418 Stage Center Drive
    Memphis, TN 38134

    Todd Brewer & Lawson;
    PO Box 36788
    Rock Hill,SC 29732

    Williams & Fudge
    300 Chatham Ave
    Rock Hill, SC 29730

  7. When does SDM report my past due account to a credit bureau?

    SDM does not report your past due account to credit bureaus while you are in active repayment.  However, once an account is forwarded to a collection agency, the account will be reported to the credit bureaus.

  8. Will my income tax refund be taken if my account at UCCS is past due?

    UCCS is an agency of the State of Colorado, as is Central Collection Services and the Department of Revenue.  Thus, your tax refund may be used to pay your outstanding debt through a tax offset.

  9. Will signing the Repayment Agreement for Past Due Accounts lift the stop on my records and registration?

    No.  The Repayment Agreement for Past Due Accounts prevents accounts from being forwarded to a collection agency and enables you to pay your past due debt on a monthly basis, but Finance Stops are only lifted when your account is paid-in-full.

  10. How much interest will be charged if I have signed up for a repayment plan?

    A service charge to cover collection costs may be charged up to 1% per month on the unpaid balance.

  11. What is the minimum amount I can pay on a repayment plan?

    Monthly payments are negotiated based on several factors, including how much you owe and the information provided on a financial statement.  Unless financial hardships exist, repayment should be completed within a year.

  12. What if I cannot pay?

    If you cannot pay anything toward your bill, your account will first go to SDM.  If you have not set up a payment plan or paid your account in full, your account will be placed with a collection agency.

  13. Will I get a bill mailed to me every month if I'm on the repayment plan?

    Yes.  Instead of receiving the monthly collection letter, you will receive a reminder of your monthly payment with a tear-off return slip to send back with your payment.  However, if you do not receive the reminder 10-days prior to your payment deadline, in order to comply with your agreement, you must send your payment (with your account info written on your check) to the SDM address so that it is received by your payment due date.

  14. Why can't I get transcripts if I owe money to the University ?

    University policy prohibits the release of transcripts or other official documents (including diplomas) for students who have a past due balance with the University.

  15. What if I have financial aid or student loans that will cover my past due balance, but I need my stop removed so I can register for classes?

    You must contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance in using loans to cover past due balances.  There are certain policies and procedures that must be followed in these cases and many times certain types of student loans and aid cannot cover past due balances from previous terms.

  16. What is the fee for returned check?

    There is a $30.00 returned check fee and will be added to your student account.

  17. Where do I send the payment or how do I contact you?

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Student Financial Services
    Student Debt Management
    1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    Office: 719-255-3391
    Fax: 719-255-3467