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Some of these forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it here.


  • CU Employee Services - CU Employee Tuition Assistance Benefit (TAB)

    Go here to read about the CU employee tuition assistance benefit policies, details, and procedures. For questions about the UCCS Tuition Assistance Benefits (TAB) email us at uccstab@uccs.edu

    • APS 5024- Tuition Assistance Benefit can be found here 

    • Important Notes For EMPLOYEE TAB Use:

      • Review Eligibility Criteria at the above link

      • Nine credits are available each academic year (Fall-Summer) to be applied against tuition costs (not fees)

      • UCCS employees are allowed to enroll seven days prior to the first day of the course but are not allowed to ‘student wait-list’, including late-start courses or more than seven days prior to the first day of the individual course for early-start courses.

      • The benefit may not be applied to any course offered by an auxiliary-funded program, such as Continuing Education, Extended Studies, the Executive MBA program, the One Year MBA program or CU Boulder’s Part-Time, Evening MBA program.

      • The benefit may not be applied to study abroad or audited courses.

      • The amount of TAB you receive is considered financial assistance and may impact financial aid eligibility.

      • For undergraduate Colorado residents, each registering student must apply and authorize the College Opportunity Fund (COF). TAB only applies to the net tuition after COF. The students are responsible to pay the difference if COF is exhausted.

      • The TAB application must be completed and submitted to Employee Services by the campus of registration’s TAB application deadline as published on the website.



    The PSC will assist you with your procurement needs.  Their services include purchasing, accounts payable, procurement card, travel reimbursement, contract services, and much more.  Visit their website to get more information.


    This website has valuable information for faculty/ staff members that perform various accounting processes.  This division includes Student Financial Services, Accounting, Budget and Planning, Financial Training, Grants/ Sponsored Programs, and Plant Fund Accounting.


    This form should be used for any deposits made at the Bursar's Office.  Make sure that you have filled out your 8-digit speedtype and 6-digit account chartfield correctly before submitting to the Bursar cashiers.  Include an extra copy of each cash receipt when you submit it to the cashier window -- this will be validated and returned as your receipt.  When transporting a deposit, don't forget to call Public Safety for an escort.  Click here for instructions on how to complete a cash receipt.



    Use this form for petty cash reimbursements involving the approved purchase of goods on behalf of UCCS (See the PSC website for regulations regarding what purchases can be reimbursed).  You must attach all original receipts to this form to receive reimbursements.  You must bring your photo ID at the time of reimbursement, and the Bursar Office can only reimburse a max of $100.00 per day, per person (NO exceptions).  Any reimbursement that totals more than $100.00 must go through the Procurement Service Center.


    This is a guide for Departmental (PeopleSoft) transactions at the Cashier Window.  It offers information that not only helps us process your transactions more efficiently, but also guides you through the various services and procedures offered by UCCS Bursar/ Cashiering.