Fall 2023

Payment Procedures and Deadlines

UCCS SFS - Payments - Payment Policies and Deadlines - Fall 2023

Tuition and Fee Agreement and Disclosure

Tuition and Fee Agreement and Disclosure

General Information

Web registration for Fall 2023 begins April 17, 2023.

There are several payment options available to suit your needs. Please review the options and choose one that is right for you. 

HOW TO PAY: Log in to your myUCCS Portal and navigate to Student Financial Services (Bursar) as shown below:

Student Financials (Bursar) Menu

Student Financials Tile - View and Pay Your Bill


OPTION 1:  Fall 2023 - Pay In-Full

Students registering prior to 5:00 pm, September 7, 2023  are required to pay the total balance in-full by 5:00 pm on September 7, 2023.  See the options below if you are unable to pay in-full by September 7, otherwise late fines may be applied.

After September 7 (census date), students can no longer register without special permission from UCCS Records.  Those who have permission to register after census date must come to the Cashier window in Main Hall to make payment arrangements before adding any classes.

OPTION 2:  Fall 2023- Payment Plan

You may enroll in the Payment Plan at the myUCCS Portal.  For more information please visit http://mycollegepaymentplan.com/uccs/

If you have any questions or need assistance with this plan, contact the Cashiering Office at Main Hall (2nd Floor) or at 719-255-3391.

Payment Methods

  • E-Check / Automatic bank payment (ACH)
  • Credit card / debit card (additional service fees may be assessed)

Cost to Participate

  • $45 enrollment fee per semester. ***YOU MUST RE-ENROLL IN A PAYMENT PLAN EVERY SEMESTER.***
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned

Simple Steps to Enroll

  • Log in to myUCCS Portal.
  • Select the Student Financials (Bursar) link.
  • Select Enroll in a Payment Plan.

Target Dates to Enroll By:

Enrollment DatesNumber of paymentsMonths of payments
Jul 25 - Aug 194Aug - Nov
Jul 26 - Sep 73Sep - Nov
Payments are processed automatically on the 20th of each month.

OPTION 3:  Fall 2023 - Financial Aid

All financial aid must be applied to the tuition/fees bill first, and any over-payment will be refunded to the student.

Students enrolled for Fall 2023 courses will have until September 7, 2023 to pay for any outstanding balance not covered by financial aid;  otherwise, late fines may be applied.

Withdrawal Refund Deadlines

September 7, 2023 by 5:00 pm is the last day to withdraw and receive a 100% credit against your TOTAL bill minus any non-refundable fees.  If you withdraw by this date, any College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend credits will be reversed.

Please contact UCCS Student Financial Services at 719-255-3391 if you have any questions, or visit us at Main Hall (2nd Floor).