Information for Prospective Students


Information for Prospective Students

UCCS SFS - Bursar / Cashiering Office - Information for Prospective Students

The UCCS Bursar Office website has many resources for those of you who might be considering attending UCCS in an upcoming semester.  You can use the following resources to plan your finances for the upcoming semester.

  • Estimate the cost of tuition/fees for the current and upcoming semester.
  • Main-Campus Billing Overview will tell you the general process for billing at UCCS, along with important deadline dates.
  • Payment Plans are available for all semesters for students that need extra time to pay off their balance.
  • College Opportunity Fund has already begun and affects most in-state residents planning on attending college.  Go to the College Opportunity Fund (COF) FAQs Website to learn more about the program.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is another resource to answer your questions about main-campus billing.
  • Registrar Office is the place to to get information on the UCCS campus and to begin the application process to attend classes.
  • Financial Aid Office is your complete resource for loans, scholarships, grants, and other types of aid.

If you need assistance, call the Bursar / Cashiering Office at (719) 255-3391, or 1-800-990-UCCS (8227) ext. 3391.